Welcome to our new exhibition IKEA Hacked: Our Products. Your Ideas. Here you can experience works by more than 30 international artists, architects and designers – all using IKEA products as raw material. Some of them will also be working on site in the exhibition.

The exhibition offers plenty of opportunities to unleash your own creativity - whatever your age!

IKEA Hack is a term for the phenomenon of people transforming IKEA products and create something new in their own way. This could involve small alterations, such as changing the legs of a KLIPPAN sofa. But also more elaborate transformations, like using the FRAKTA bag for sewing the Swedish National Costume’s dress. Or something else.

What all IKEA Hacks seem to have in common is the joy of transforming something that was produced for “the many people” into something totally unique or individual.

Spin, scan, print, turn on and turn off!

In the exhibition there are several interactive features to try out, for all ages. Create an artistic hack, using our touch screens. Choose your favourite IKEA product in our big furniture carousel. Give the product a new shape using the touch screen. Come up with your own product name and print the results on a paper – in perfect pocket size.

Make a lamp in a minute, using the art piece #1minuteLamp! Do it by yourself or together with others. Place IKEA objects on the interactive table. The weight turn on lights from beneath: Watch the red baking tin or the plastic bag dispenser VARIERA in a new light... Move the objects around and arrange them as you please. The installation is created by the artist Catinca Tilea.

Scan the KNUFF magazine file and watch it transform into a table. See the LACK table turn into a 3D-printer.

Turn the classic IKEA Allen key to reveal information on the digital screens. All info is presented in English and Swedish.

Do it yourself in our yellow workshop areas

There is a workshop corner for the young ones with lots of IKEA products that are free to be used for creating new, exciting things. The yellow storage benches are also great for resting tired legs.

There is also a corner for everyone who wants to use a sewing machine. Turn the IKEA Museum bags into something completely different. Set your own creativity free or get some inspiration from our manuals.

Meet the artists!

In the museum you can meet some of the artists working in the exhibition. Juan Ortiz-Apuy is followed by Helmut Smits, Lucas & Lucas and Takayoshi Kitagawa. Every artist will host one or more workshops in which visitors are invited to participate. See the calendar and follow us in social media to stay informed on what’s going on!


28 April–27 May
Juan Ortiz-Apuy

23 July–19 August
Lucas & Lucas

5 November–2 December
Takayoshi Kitagawa

Theorists and researchers on IKEA hacks

The IKEA hacks phenomenon has caught the interest of scholars and theorists. What does “The IKEA Effect” mean? And how do IKEA hacks tie into Metamodernism? In a series of interviews in the exhibition, Dan Ariely, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics, and Timotheus Vermeulen, associate professor in Media, Culture and Society explore the subject.

Creative examples from IKEA

You will also see examples of how IKEA encourages the customer’s creativity with a soft toy animal collection based on children’s drawings and the new DELAKTIG collection – an open source design project in collaboration with designer Tom Dixon and 75 Master’s students from around the globe.

Welcome to Älmhult!

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