IKEA Museum is the story of IKEA. In the past, in the present and into the future. Join us on our journey from our beginnings in Älmhult and out into the world. Follow the story that you and all our IKEA customers over the years have helped to create.

A museum for the curious

The IKEA Museum addresses everyone curious about IKEA. Visitors can follow our development decade for decade – by means of interior designs, furnitures, products and events.

Here we explain our work with design and product development, suppliers, and logistics, sustainability and the environment as well as communication and marketing. We also highlight our origins in the province of Småland in Sweden, our values and our company culture.

Of course, we tell the story of Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, and how he and all his co-workers set up his business.

The IKEA Museum features a main exhibition and a temporary exhibition, as well as restaurant and a shop. The museum’s archives and collections are parts of the operation, as is our school programme.

The world's first IKEA store

The IKEA Museum is in the original building that housed the first IKEA store, which opened in 1958 and closed in 2012 when the new store opened in Älmhult. The exterior of the building has to large parts been restored to its original form, following the drawings of architect Claes Knutson: the arcade runs along the long side of the facade as well as a line of V-shaped pillars and storefronts. The style - international modernism - is back in Älmhult while the interior has been created to meet the needs of a modern museum.

We welcome you to the IKEA Museum in Älmhult – the heart of the IKEA world, where our journey began.

Contact information

IKEA Museum

IKEAgatan 5
343 36 Älmhult

+46 476-44 16 00

The shop

Indulge yourself or buy gifts for your friends and family. A lot of the things on sale here can not be bought anywhere else.

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The Exhibitions

The main exhibition at the IKEA Museum is divided into three themes: Our roots, IKEA through the ages and The many sides of Ingvar Kamprad. Also, enjoy our temporary exhibitions!


The IKEA Museum School Programme focuses on three areas: entrepreneurship, technology and design, history and society. Welcome!

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